August 12-13, 2023

Sidelaunch Days return to the shores of Collingwood August 12-13


Sidelaunch Days is Collingwood’s annual harbourfront festival that celebrates the joy of being in, on, and around the water while commemorating the unique shipbuilding heritage of Collingwood.

Sidelaunch Days are part of Collingwood’s On The Water We Love event which spans August 5 – September 1. On The Water We Love invites you to take a journey of discovery and recognition of life-giving water along the Collingwood shoreline, exploring water-based themes of ecosystems, industry, recreation, access, safety, and conservation. Visit for more details.

Why the name?

The Sidelaunch Days Festival was named in honour of Collingwood’s shipbuilding heritage and the unique method of launching ships at The Collingwood Shipyards. Learn more by visiting the Collingwood Museum at 45 St. Paul Street.

Schedule of Events & Activities

Download the full schedule of events.